MineScape Roadmap

Welcome to the MineScape Roadmap

The team is making great progress on the server and world, with consistent bi-weekly updates adding many new additions and features.
Many smaller features and additions are added daily, many from the suggestions so please use the suggest button at the top of the page for feature requests. These are checked regularly and help us greatly.
We hope to provide more clarity on the direction the game is heading.
The roadmap will be updated with every major release.

  • Taverley & Burthorpe tick

    Taverley & Burthorpe

    Map Expansion

    The next big update will include a map expansion to the west, unlocking the regions Taverley & Burthorpe for use. This is very exciting, as it will be the first expansion outside of the Free to Play map.

  • Herblore tick


    Skill Release

    With the release of taverley, next on the horizon is the goal of adding the skill herblore. Bringing along with it herbs to be made into potions, which will provide players with needed stat boosts.

  • White Wolf Mountain & Catherby tick

    White Wolf Mountain & Catherby

    Map Expansion

    Next on the map release schedule is White Wolf Mountain with its gnome glider and further to include the well known fishing town Catherby. This release will bring a much wanted fishing resource, Sharks!

  • Seers Village tick

    Seers Village

    Map Expansion

    Continuing westward, we will be expanding to include Seers Village. Bringing with it Camelot teleport, maple trees and flax finally in its home place.

  • Wilderness Level 40 tick

    Wilderness Level 40

    Map Expansion

    The wilderness is a dangerous place for adventurers, with this release would bring wilderness areas where teleport escapes are not an option.

  • Farming tick


    Skill Release

    Utilizing the farming patches that already exist around the map, players will be able to start farming for more and better resources.

  • Morytania tick


    Map Expansion

    Bringing the slayer tower and barrows brothers to the game, will be a good addition for combat everywhere.

  • Construction tick


    Skill Release

    The latest skill is almost ready for release! Build your house to your liking in MineScape! Complete with rotating rooms, multiple levels, dungeons, gardens and all its glory!

  • Zanaris tick


    Map Expansion

    The lost city of Zanaris, home to the fairies. Bringing with it dragon daggers and longsword, and possibly fairy rings?

  • East Ardougne tick

    East Ardougne

    Map Expansion

    Many interactions are within the walls of this city, from its thriving marketplace to its beautiful zoo. This update will bring with it many theiving stalls, new farming patches, new ore locations and much more.

  • Agility tick


    Skill Release

    The release of the Agility skill will bring with it shortcuts and the rooftop agility training method. And yes, run energy will not be implemented.

  • Brimhaven tick


    Map Expansion

    Brimhaven brings many exciting additions. A new house portal, charters ships, farming patches and a massive underground dungeon with many a scary mob.

  • Witchs House tick

    Witchs House

    Quest Release

    A boy has kicked his ball over the hedge into the witchs garden, are you able to get it back for him?

  • Yanille

    Map Expansion

    A large expansion south of ardougne is underway! Bringing with it a new house portal, shops and maybe even a few surprises...

  • Animal Magnetism

    Quest Release

    Long awaited quest line for the Ava's devices. A great boost players wanting to level up their ranged combat.

  • Feldip Hills

    Map Expansion

    A much needed area to get started with the hunter skill. Bringing with it 7 creatures to trap.

  • Hunter

    Skill Release

    We can't wait to finally have every skill on the server, the release of the Hunter skill will be our last update before we end the MineScape Beta!

  • ?

    Whats Next?

    Have your say on the suggestions and in the discord as to where we go next.