Mage training arena/Magic trees

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TitleMage training arena/Magic trees
So duel arena has been in for ages now, just behind it is the mage training arena which has i believe 4 magic trees either side of it.
Seers village is next on the list after cath but unless you plan on going out towards the ranging guild we'll be waiting even longer for the next map extention towards ardougne before we get magic trees.
seems like a good bit of content for not alot of work.
(Magic training arena minigame doesnt have to be put in, but build the house and stick the magic trees in)
Submitted2020-06-30 15:18:58


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I'm for this, it's already in an area that's been built. Just add the building and the trees.
8 months ago
fully agree, having magic trees would be a very nice addition to an area that would actually already be accessable. Not to mention with the addition of a magic tree spawn, he'd have to add magic bows to be fletchable. Granted, range is already brokenly op anyways, why not just add another thing ot make it more op lol
8 months ago