Fishing Timing Update Ruined Xp Rates

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TitleFishing Timing Update Ruined Xp Rates
The change to Fishing catch timings making the catch rate random has heavily affected methods that were faster for xp/hr, cutting fly fishings xp/hr by more than half now being roughly around 95k/hr with dxp. Sharks on the other hand while powerfishing are also roughly 95k/hr. Powefishing lobsters seems to be roughly 90k/hr.
I think it would be better to just have everything continue catching every x tick like it used to be and balancing sharks to have a high tick catch rate than the current randomised method.

These xp rates are not 100% accurate as each method was only tested in 10 minute increments, but the rough rates are way off from what they should be.
Completed2020-12-06 21:03:37


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Maybe instead of switching it back, just have it the new method worked on and updated until it's as close as possible? I didn't expect it to be 100% correct on the first release myself.
8 months ago
I'd be fine with this as well. The bigger issue I feel in this is sharks, and i think they need some sort of nerf sooon as the catch rate is 3-4times as many per hour as it should be and i would hate for the shark market to start out poorly
8 months ago
Aye, have that many sharks come in right from the start is going to ruin it for a bit unless it's fixed soon.
8 months ago
Were you not wanting fishing to be more accurate?
8 months ago
Yes, I'd like it to be more accurate, but 95k with dxp is much too low for fly fishing and 95k/hr for sharks is much too high.
Fly fishing should be roughly 70-75k/hr base and sharks should only be roughly 15k/hr base or around 130 sharks. These are at lvl 99 and the xp should be lower at lower levels obviously.
Currently at level 99 fishing, sharks would be the best fishing method, for xp or materials.
8 months ago