Ava Accumulator / attractor

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TitleAva Accumulator / attractor
Ava Accumulator or attractor would be helpful/amazing so we dont have to pickup arrows/bolts all the time + its a good range cape slot.
Submitted2020-07-09 01:57:23


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Range doesn't need updates rn :(
7 months ago
People will cry that range gets too much already but I would like to see this on for the 99 range perk since it's on the cape in osrs. The normal one and quest can be done later.
7 months ago
I didnt knew people were saying that but dragon defender and warrior guild just was released, a ranged release wouldnt feel as bad since. I like the 99 cape idea too. Could be nice before the ava's quest (animal magnetism) would release.
7 months ago