Shooting Star Mining Event

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TitleShooting Star Mining Event
Incorporating the Shooting Star diversion introduced in late-2008 Runescape would be quite the thing to see players get together and pick at. With nine different sizes and Mining experience to earn, it would fall down in a wide array or locations
When the space it would fall would be defined, any player who happened to be in that location would be teleported out, and that area would be surrounded by Barrier Blocks. Then the star would fall, and if you were around it you would get to mine it, decreasing it in size
Of course, you would get Stardust and a reward for freeing the little creature inside once the Shooting Star has been reduced to a sheet of space rock

Included is a recreation of all 9 Sizes of Shooting Stars
Submitted2020-07-13 01:23:36


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This is an RS3 feature, so no.
6 months ago
I just really like the idea of like, a Size 3 star showing up in Al-Kharid and somebody calling it out. And a bunch of people all heading for it to mine together!
It's a small event on that side that I really love the idea of participating in for Minescape
7 months ago