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TitleAgility implementation
If/when agility is added, have it basically only for unlocking shortcuts (like door ways with an agility check, or click pipe and its pass/fail to get though given you have the agility to try)

As for agility courses i see no reason to have them like they are in the main game. (Click obstacle character moves to the other side with some xp, complete the course and you get bonus xp).

However I'd really like to have a manual parkour option where you parkour around the course manually, hitting checkpoints (maybe small xp) once all checkpoints are passed in succession, at the end of the lap. get the bonus xp.

For the beginning of rooftop courses, have the start be a "Click obstacle" which would allow the game to roll for marks of grace spawns.
I'd really like the parkour to be slightly better xp/r by keeping "click obstacles" having a chance of failing, whereas manually parkouring relies on the players ability.

Could also have it so if u fall u take a small amount of damage (to emulate how it is in main-game)

Lemme know if I need to clarify anything
Submitted2020-07-14 10:20:52


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I don't think shortcuts are enough for such a boring skill, at least main game gave you stamina recovery.
How about a nice bonus of 0.5% movement speed for every agility level.
Theres plenty of running in minescape and having 49% movement speed boost at 99 agility wouldn't be THAT game breaking. ;P
3 months ago
OOPS Froggy messed that up
As for agility courses i see no reason to "NOT" have them like they are in the main game. (Click obstacle character moves to the other side with some xp, complete the course and you get bonus xp).
7 months ago
Yes on click for XP absolutely not parkour. Parkour is skill based and would be unfair if you applied it to the entire community. Over the years I've met 4 people in-game with cerebral palsy, they play by licking a contraption in their mouth and use eye or glasses recognition to move their mouse. Even if only one person played this way it would be completely unfair to gain XP through motion, which is also not following either RuneScape in the slightest. No motion based agility please. Mini rant complete.
7 months ago
sorry i meant "As for agility courses i see no reason to "NOT" have them like they are in the main game"
7 months ago
Maybe agility could be our "free way" for teleports. We have an auto run function already, so - instead of just a straight line, we can do "/autorun x y z" and it will try to path to those coordinates. It will run (as fast as our normal jump sprint) there as long as it has stamina which would directly be affected by agility level. Higher levels means farther running, and also longer distances. At level 1 you'd be able to run from lumbridge to wizards tower, or draynor village, level 25 lumbridge to varrock, or varrock to falador. Level 50, falador to catherby (aka cross white wolf mountain) Level 99 god forbid anyone is such a masochist - Catherby to alkharid. Obviously this owuld have to do some massive calculations and have many network maps of optimal paths to take which would be a huge undertaking for blak, but in the end quite a few people would use it, if for nothing else, doing clue scrolls.
7 months ago
Not a bad idea, my only thing with the parkour is people who really suck at parkour wont be able to level up. People who cant do parkour (like my poor self) still need a way to train this skill. Another option is doing the obstacle course where you *could* straight up walk it, no jumping required but itll be slower so people who are bad at parkour can still level up, but within the course there is obvious parkour jumps that would help you get across faster and be more fficient. This means skilled players can basically get XP a bit faster but those who arent can still get XP (kind of like knowing efficient mining routes vs inefficient mining routes).

I also suggest changing the skill up a bit to include shortcuts but instead of increasing run energy (i dont think ANYBODY wants run energy in Minescape) maybe we can give small passive speed boosts for players. This semi mimics the run energy as youll be able to move faster. OSRS meta was to level up agility so you could get places faster so we should still try to make that happen. Shortcuts only will be very little incentive for players to train this skill.
7 months ago
Hey, sorry might not have been clear in the post. but the idea was to have 2 ways of leveling the skill to keep it accessible. so the courses can be taken manually or by just clicking obstacles and having your agility level roll for a pass/fail, just like the main game.
7 months ago
I like the idea of 2 ways of doing it that way it still is available to others but some people probably would like the change of pace with the parkour, just to spice it up a little.
7 months ago