Buyable npc to display skin

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TitleBuyable npc to display skin
A permanent npc who can be bought to display the highest buyers skin. For example I buy it for 100k it displays my skin forever until someone buys it for 100,001 gp. It would always cost 1gp or more every time and never refund you. Maybe even allow us to give it armor to wear or items which would disappear the next time someone buys the npc and they can dress it anyway they want.
Submitted2020-07-19 02:24:07


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Only thing I can see being a problem is someone having a skin which we might not want to display ~
7 months ago
Maybe reset every month for a more efficient money sink :)
7 months ago
I don't see much of a reason for this. but if it's a thing that we can add for a gold sink, sure why not. Could see if you can give it a message if someone right clicks it as well.
7 months ago
its only purpose is to be a money sink and just a way to gloat, maybe even if it resets every month or so. similar to bandits stream "biggest d*ck" for top donator
7 months ago