Cant fletch when knife is equipped

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TitleCant fletch when knife is equipped
We all really appreciate the new addition but I noticed the knife is not able to fletch anything when equipped.
Completed2020-07-20 01:19:13


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*My first message was suppose to be a reply to Bladeat*
4 months ago
Actually the original idea for this was to allow those items to be equipped and used to give relief as we are missing an inventory slot. This originally was intended for the fishing equipment but the list was expanded to also include tinderbox and knife. This is a bug.
4 months ago
I've never seen it on any game update under "Other Changes Since Last Update" so I'll assume if it was working that way, it was bugged but now fixed.
4 months ago
Same with tinderbox
4 months ago
Neither of those items should be able to equipped so it's working as intended
4 months ago