Notification for rare drops

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TitleNotification for rare drops
If a rare/valuable drop has been dropped by a mob, it could show that to all players (including the one who got the drop) as a notification in chat, in that area.
Completed2020-12-06 21:13:29


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What would constitute a rare drop?
7 months ago
something from rdt or gdt could display as "Something unusual has appeared under the slain monster" or just glow a different color on ground like purple instead of red depending on rarity from uncommon-common-rare-very rare (orange,red,yellow,purple)?
7 months ago
I would rather it be just the person otherwise we would get so much spam for other people . Even area wise I go on world 1 to play and would get spammed a storm if I am fighting mobs. Agree on just for person only not for others.
7 months ago