Allow Item Dropping from Item Pick Up Interface

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TitleAllow Item Dropping from Item Pick Up Interface
When you right click an item on the floor you are able to select which items you want to add to your inventory but you cannot drop items in your inventory from this screen. This is helpful if we have a full inventory but want to drop an item and pick up a better item.

Ex: I have full inventory of bones and kill a mammoth and a few items drop. I right click the dropped items and want to bring two of the three dropped items into my inventory. I should be able to, in the same interface, drop a few of the bones using "Q". Instead you must currently drop the items first and then pick up the new items.
Submitted2020-08-04 18:24:29


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I enabled this, but it lead to another bug, will require more time to implement.
2 months ago
same with banks
3 months ago