Diverse Gem Access allowing for Diverse Content

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TitleDiverse Gem Access allowing for Diverse Content
**To note: I am making these suggestions with the consideration of the servers current strengths, mainly being locations in the map that already exists for easy access to new content**

Hey Community!

Let’s get right to it.
The suggestion is implementing in game features that give us access to other types of gems we currently don’t have, to allow us to get access to skilling and teleporting jewellery we currently can not use.

Adding in The Wise Old Man and his Task and reward system.
Trading the wise old man a variety of low tier items for easy and hard tasks found here:
Easy -https://gyazo.com/58219676275d66c03a65238df3050525
Hard - https://gyazo.com/bf44da219c9d07e87f27e6a7ea0ed93a

For what does not require items, other tasks involve delivering letters to locations on the map we currently have implemented found here: https://gyazo.com/568dcfaaf384402429ae1121e5e6e6b2

Amongst the high tier herbs (common), the various 30+ types of seeds (uncommon/rare), 9 types of runes (common) and coins. There are 6 types of uncut gem rewards that consist of 3 diverse types we are looking for:
Uncut red topaz (uncommon)
Uncut opal (uncommon)
Uncut jade (uncommon)

Although these are not all the gems that the game has to offer, it gives us access to the ones that are not commonly obtained.
Reference to gems: https://gyazo.com/1f1aaa9cdda6281e5315ea6116ebd9e5

This opportunity opens up the ability to have:

-Amulet of bounty - assists with saving seeds at  farming allotments (opal requires)
-Amulet of chemistry - occasionally when making potions you receive a dose 4 instead of a dose 3 (jade required)
-Burning amulet - teleports players to various locations in the wilderness (topaz required)
-Dodgy necklace - provides a chance to prevent being stunned while thieving (opal required)
-Necklace of passage - teleports to wizards tower, Jorral’s Outpost and Desert eagle station (jade required)
-Necklace of faith - restores some prayer points if your health drops below a curtain point (topaz required)

Although not all of the features can currently be added e.g. teleport to desert eagle station and lava maze, over 95% of this contents features are relevant and accessible. This is great, considering how many things overlap in the game and the server is still in its early beta days.

Other sources for these gems are minute or niche. Such as quest content and some forms of skilling content that is currently not released. Being mainly big net fishing, rock crap caskets and gem rocks.

I really believe that even though this content is a whole update in itself, it would really fill in the gaps of the content we currently have and give it a more in-depth experience, while complementing and making use of other aspects of the game. Whether that’s for convenience or bridging the gap for future content.

The full mechanics of this mini-game can be found here: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Wise_Old_Man_tasks

Please feel free to leave a comment if I have missed anything or you just want to add to this.

Cheers Everyone!
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This could be seen as major update down the line, Thank you for your suggestion.
6 months ago