Remove Boss pets from Cosmetic chests. Add Skilling pets

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TitleRemove Boss pets from Cosmetic chests. Add Skilling pets
Boss pets should be removed from cosmetic chests. It immediately devalues boss pets when its time for those to be implemented. The longer you wait you will piss off more people.

Replacing boss Pets with a glitched pet would be a fine substitute as well. But Boss pets need to be implemented at some point and having them as cosmetic ruins that update.

Also can we implement skilling pets as well?
Submitted2020-08-16 19:30:14


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Skilling pets would be a valiable update. Boss pets are going to stay as they are. Thank you for understanding.
6 months ago
Boss pets staying the way they are is an absolute dog shit idea. Bandit claims to strive for originality of OSRS. The fact the thought they were ever a good idea for cosmetic chests was dumb. I've even provided a fix so people wouldnt be upset for removing the original skin for the boss pets. This should be a community vote, not a hey we hear you we see the amount of support this suggestion has but nah.
6 months ago
Skilling pets imo are a really good goal for people to strive for, especially if they have maxed. It gives people a chance to produce more content media wise and whatnot.

I do not know what could replace them but it should definitely be done sooner rather than later.
6 months ago
All boss pets come from glitched chests? Just give them a glitched skin and call it good.
6 months ago
I feel the same way about Boss pets and mentioned both them and Skilling pets to Bandit on stream months ago. He mentioned about adding something else as a drop instead of the boss pets like a badge or something.
6 months ago
He wanted to do Mounts from boss pets.... I would 100% rather have the pets and not people running around as Beaver
6 months ago
I like this idea for boss pets, also adding skilling pets gives people something else to grind for if they felt like they had nothing else to do.
6 months ago