Aerodynamics are inception in minescape

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TitleAerodynamics are inception in minescape

I don’t know if anyone else have noticed this but this wind mill north of Lumbridge, as cool looking as it is, some how is defying the laws of Aerodynamics, which aren’t in minescape, but it’s not fooling me.

Normal windmill:

Minescape windmill:

The difference being that the Minescape windmill has no leading edge. The white material which is conveying the light yet robust material to capture the air off the leading edge, is going backward.
Contradicting the concept of a low and high pressure zone *pushes glasses up on nose and gives a geeky snort*

Basically the illusion of the wind mill moving is being foreshadowed by the fact that it’s going backwards.


PS: pls fix when to have time, thanks <3

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Submitted2020-08-25 10:41:02


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Its going so fast it just looks like its going backwards
2 years ago