Farming notification in chat box when Completed/Diseased and/or Dead.

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TitleFarming notification in chat box when Completed/Diseased and/or Dead.
A notification which could appear in the Game messages, similar to the message received when you get a clue, birds nest, or a clue bottle/geode, which would let the player know that their patch has finished growing with out them wasting time to check over and over, or setting timers outside of the game.

Message saying something along the lines of, "Your (Herb/allotment/flower) Patch has (Finished/Become diseased/Died)

This could either be a free feature for all/any players as default. OR possibly a fee could be paid each time they plant a seed, or possibly a large one time payment to receive the notification.

Submitted2020-08-26 00:19:34


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Everyone here seems to forget this exists?
6 months ago
I was not sure of this. At first I was like... super OP, birds nests are next to you so notification seems fair and in reason and a across map notification seems unbalanced, BUT THEN! To have a fee attached would be cool, to balance it out. It doesn’t seem out of character for a protector of the patch to notify you.

In the same way you pay tenders of a patch produce to protect crops/plants, you could pay them in the same way for a notification.

Maybe protecting your trees/crop by paying produce could have the notification process implemented into it. So you are paying for both in the one fee or seperate fees for each service.
6 months ago
6 months ago