Dark crabs

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TitleDark crabs
This suggestion mainly centers around the fact that the fishing bait has been coded in for a long time.
Other than that, it will encourage more people to use the wilderness for reasons other than slayer or prayer, making it slightly more useful than it is now.

Submitted2020-08-26 04:17:18


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I think they're only available to catch from the Wilderness resource area which is around 50 wilderness. Although the wiki says you can also catch them along the North-eastern coast just south of the fence containing deep wilderness, which again is beyond what we have now.
2 months ago
You are slightly mistaken, dark crabs are on the north-eastern coast but they are infact below 40 wilderness.
2 months ago
Ah ok I wasn't too sure how far south it went. That's good then.
2 months ago