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TitlePlayer joining world announcement
Currently when joining a world a message broadcasts to everyone telling them who has just joined. For people that like to PK such as myself this alerts people in the wilderness to be cautious. I myself have had a situation twice where I've logged into a world and the same player logged out 10 seconds after I joined because they know I PK (I found out the second time they logged because of me).

I would like to suggest an option to be able to toggle off the joining world broadcast. Players can still hold tab to see who's currently on the world.

I imagine there won't be much support from other players for this except maybe those that PK too as this would effect them negatively.
Submitted2020-09-14 12:23:42


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This is good, but then we should be able to add people without having them accept in like actual osrs, so those we add, we can see when they join the world.... countering your suggestion.
2 months ago
Yeah but in OSRS you can have your private set too friends only or off, where as we can't do that on Minescape. So having to the option to accept makes it fair.
2 months ago
Well the login msg is kinda annoying for more reasons then just pking.
When you do stuff that req world hopping like buying items in shop or mining runite, it can be annoying for ppls seeing it and yourself. Since you alert ppls you joined but you leaving 10-60 sec later.
2 months ago
That's what I do monkaS
2 months ago