Fremennik Province ( Part 1 )

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TitleFremennik Province ( Part 1 )
i was thinking to suggest Rellekka and waterbirth island to the map and its content for more things to do.

this includes having the following:
- Rellekka (itself on the map),
- Waterbirth island,
- Quests: Fremmenik trails, (along with its well known helmets: Archer Helm/ Berserker Helm / Farseer helm / Warrior Helm )
  - Mountain Daughter
  - Horror from the Deep (God Books),
- PvE Content: Dagannoth Kings (Rex / Prime / Supreme),
- Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon ( More Slayer monsters! )
- extra armor choices like Rock-shell (Melee) / Skeletal (magic) / spined (ranged)
- new spots to train Fishing , Thieving, and much more
Submitted2020-09-22 18:07:26


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Would be cool to go that direction after morytania
2 months ago
well made brother!! i support!
2 months ago