Missing P2P Quests

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TitleMissing P2P Quests
Witch's House
Heroes' Quest (Requires Shield of Arrav)
What Lies Below

May soon be able to be done:
Gertrude's Cat: requires lumberyard
Elemental Workshop I, II: requires underground workshop to be built
Dwarf Cannon: requires areas surrounding the Fishing Guild, and a cave next to it
Recruitment Drive: requires various instanced rooms and Black Knight's Fortress quest
A Soul's Bane: requires caverns near the digsite for the 4 stages of the quest
A Porcine of Interest: requires new slayer gear, Sourhog Cave north of Draynor left of the mansion
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Heroes needs some Brimhaven action as well*
4 months ago
Quests that require Morytania are not listed here, those will be on a separate post pending release.
4 months ago
They have been in our sight, we're working behind the scenes to make a dialogue system to make adding quests a lot easier.

Thank you for bring it up!

4 months ago