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TitleSlayer Bugs/Suggestions
We got a big new slayer update, the slayer tower! This is amazing, but its some stuff that needs polishing.
Here is a list of stuff that would be nice to have added/fixed <3

1. Make slayer ring craftable at furnace. (after unlocked at slayer master)
2. The slayer ring gets unequipped when teleporting, so if your inventory is full the ring will be left on the floor where you teleported.
3. Add herb/seed tables to Aberrant Spectre
4. Stop Aberrant Spectre from attacking though the wall when walking up to the 2nd floor in the slayer tower.
5. Fix the auto smasher on gargoyle, that you can unlock from the slayer master. (Someone said this works on test server, but I only got it to work like 2 times.)

Thanks for reading, happy slaying may the rng be with you <3
Submitted2020-10-12 17:53:44


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for 3, they need gem aswell
11 days ago
Also can we add gargoyle extension
11 days ago
Also apparently you can get some mobs assigned without having the slayer requirement (same bug as the other comment)
11 days ago
You can get a slayer task from slayer tower without the completion of priest in peril (this isnt suppose to be possible)
11 days ago