ASAP Abyss teleporting fix

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TitleASAP Abyss teleporting fix
Hey, could you please fix the teleporting spots in the abyss. There are a couple of spots where you spawn into blocks or into the ground. If this happens it an extreme disadvantage to the game play for people with higher ping, people outside America.
To resolve the issue, We have to go back to the hub, which doesn’t work anyways cus it disconnects us from the server due to the issue of high ping.
Logging back in fixes the issue but it is extremely annoying and takes up to 2-3mins each time... all because of a crappy spawn into the abyss.

Please fix this please!!!
Submitted2020-10-14 01:36:42


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731 on the x cords is a spot that you spawn in the ground
10 days ago
It’s actually 730 on x cords
10 days ago