Slayer Extending task / Slayer Points

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TitleSlayer Extending task / Slayer Points
Slayer is a pretty new skill and slayer points is just been added to this skill, so we don't really have any real uses for the points yet.
I want to suggest being able to extend current task with the use of slayer points, as a temp or permanent feature since we don't have many mobs with the extend feature. This will give a motivation to keep doing slayer, since if you get your favorite task you can extend it.

Thank you!
Completed2020-06-29 21:36:50


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Dablakbandit already started the interface for this but from the questions I was trying to answer, I don't think he knew most of what can be extended are Slayer level requirement monsters, of which there are none until Morytania/Taverly. He's trying to keep the server as close to Riverdale as possible, we won't be able to extend things like dragons or any giants etc.
9 months ago
9 months ago
99k task chance =D
9 months ago