tons of dem bugs

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Titletons of dem bugs
a list of bugs that members of the community gave me, compiled into one sorted list
Drop Table related bugs: 106 cyclops don't have rdt, 25 skeletons have rdt, abberants don't have herb, seed and herb drops make normal drop table drops way more rare since you currently can only get one drop, most coin drops are wrong, bryo drops 1 rune sword instead of two, bdrags drop 1 addy javelin instead of 30, Tertiary drops are replacing main drops,
Entity bugs: 126 cb chicken at champs guild, mobs getting stuck in water and not being able to get out or be attacked, goblins don't give slayer xp
Visual bugs: armor in your inventory looks like other armor occasionally , mobs spinning around when you're barely out of there aggro range, white lily seeds show lvl52 farming req on skills tab but osrswiki says 58, getting a fake +100 attack xp message, Golden Necklace broken model
building or placement errors: rs3 Al Kharid, rs3 ge in Lumb, Varrock square and castle aren't on the same angle (i have no idea what that means ask Kira)
weapon/armor bugs: javelins don't stack, auto-smasher perk doesn't work, cant equip strength 99 hood, there's an unblocked door in the unfinished draynor mansion
misc bugs: Clan Chat bugs if you have more than one key rank. Deleting clan does not remove clan. Players who were in the clan, but no longer are can see messages from players still in the clan that's supposed to be deleted, no chat option to teleport to abyss, if you have high ping you can get teleported into blocks if an npc teleports

If you find any other bugs, please list them in the comments!
Completed2020-10-25 19:45:38


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werewolves dont give slayer xp
2 years ago
They do but ONLY in werewolf form, if you kill them in human form they will not give exp, as is normal.
2 years ago