Extension of Mob Aggression Timer to 30 Minutes

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TitleExtension of Mob Aggression Timer to 30 Minutes
The introduction of a mob aggression timer was presumably introduced to guard against the unintended consequences of prolonged AFK combat training, following a similar developmental path to that of the original Runescape. The practice of which, if left unchecked, would have undermined the long-term value and merits of melee combat as well as the fairness of training the said skill.

After discussing this topic with others, it is proposed that the mob aggression timer be extended to 30 minutes. This value is a balance between being too short (current 10 mins and original OSRS implementation) a duration, so as to make combat unnecessarily tedious, and too long (1 hr) so as to be unhealthy with respect to eye strain best practices and allowing for relatively long periods of unattended gaming.
Submitted2020-10-15 16:17:35


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