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TitleAdd To Bonfire
Hear me out, I know it's an RS3 feature but what if instead of gaining extra experience for adding to bonfires, you got less. This will keep it fair to those who have already done the task by hand but also promote a different way to do firemaking in this game. It's already a useless skill but it would be nice to just add to bonfire and let it go for say 10% less experience.
Submitted2020-11-21 20:15:53


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I think that firemaking is already fairly easy in minescape (it's only one click rather than the 2-click of OSRS), but I don't mind adding a bonfire option as well. If nothing else, it may help to prevent any potential lag when there are dozens of fires lit up in one area.
6 months ago
I don't get why people are downvoting this post. Lag prevention. Doesn't tread on previous 99's and I even wanted the feature to give you less experience.
6 months ago