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TitleOre Boxes
Simple enough, if you hate QOL then you won't like it, that or you already 99'd either mining or smithing. Either way it would probably promote the mining/smithing economy.

Ore boxes work in tiers

Ore boxes of higher tiers allow you to store all ores from previous tiers. It would go up to rune allowing you to store all previous types within that box.
Submitted2020-11-21 20:20:42


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On RS3, the mining and smithing rework tanked the price of many ores/bars. That was mainly due to the fact that ores were now essentially unlimited (rather than getting depleted) so the number of botted ores shot up. I don't think ore boxes alone had a huge affect on prices. It would certainly make it a less painful skill to raise, though. +support
a day ago
you realize our player high is 40 and nobody sells ores or bars at all? And if they do it's at extreme rates because they are too high of a commodity?
a day ago