Lower Vote Pool to 30

6 negative 6 negative
7 positive 7 positive
TitleLower Vote Pool to 30
Lower Vote Pool to 30/30 votes instead of 40/40
Submitted2020-11-24 23:17:13


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I guess Blade was always right LMAO
3 months ago
? not enough context to give you a proper response but the vote pool should vary based on player count imo
3 months ago
It used to be 80, which was difficult enough. I think 40 is fine, just need more players on and it will be hit every 2 hours.
3 months ago
it used to be 80 when there was 300 people on yeah and it was constant 2x, if anything it should have been higher then
3 months ago
When I joined the buzz died down and there was probably the same amount of people on as there is now maybe a few more. It was still 80 then.
3 months ago
Either way my belief is that it should move consistently based on how many players there are. I obviously am not advocating for consistent 2x but I would argue it's a drive for people to vote for the server and people voting for the server encourages traffic to our server. If we ever go higher then the pool should go higher but at the like 20 people weekdays it should be a tad lower. idk just a thought I enjoy the input tho
3 months ago
Will keep this in mind, but we are pushing out massive content which will hopefully bring back players <3
3 months ago
I agree a ton, I probably should've just recommended the vote pool to actively fluctuate as players do haha
3 months ago