Craftable bolt tips with the chisel + maybe enchanting bolts

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TitleCraftable bolt tips with the chisel + maybe enchanting bolts
Description The only tips we would really be missing out on so far are the Opal, Jade, Red Topaz, and Onyx, but those bolt tips are not widely used when enchanted. While it would open up more ranging options, I can maybe understand that since ranged is the go to attack style mostly for the meta and this would add on top of that. Since we did get Barrows gear, I feel that it close that gap a bit between using melee or mage vs. ranged. It would also add some spiciness to ranged PvP content for instance using diamond tipped rune bolts or dragonstone tipped ones, as well as situational PvM uses on bosses for instance as those come out in future releases.
Submitted2020-12-06 02:16:21


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Would be nice to have this if were going to get bosses soon (a lot of them drop onyx bolt tips)
6 months ago