Cactus Patch

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TitleCactus Patch
Suggestion to implement the Cactus patch in Al Kharid. This will allow us to plant Cactus Seeds and Potato Cactus Seeds which are ingredients used in Herblore.
Submitted2020-12-11 18:42:37


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I suggested this 8 months ago and the response I got was that it will be left out till Al Kharid is rebuilt (currently it is based off the Rs3 version).

My response was that a rebuild is not likely to be seen in the near future and adding a simple patch in would be a logical pro decision due to this irrational delay of content.

Here we are... sometime later and someone else is now making the point of adding it in. Seems like relevant content to prioritise. Even with the upvotes.
a year ago
Also need cactus spine for farming protection (yew tree)
2 years ago