PVE/PVP only Server

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TitlePVE/PVP only Server
Can we Have 2 servers being where PVP is allowed no where, and one where its allowed anywhere?
Submitted2020-12-29 00:31:23


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the main reason I see not having this, is it would basically split player base between essentially 2 versions of the game. where PVE only worlds exist by themselves. since, as discussed on stream, would not be fair to have PVE players hop over to a PVP enabled worlds after grinding all their wildy content.
Also not sure how much use a PVP world we get. maybe with a much larger player base of actual PKers.
13 days ago
No to PVP nowhere, that's stupid.
18 days ago
worst response I've seen ever to a roadmap post. this was something previously talked about on Bandits' stream where he mentioned it would just require character specific to those worlds. It wouldn't be a matter of taking your main account and accessing a pvp world.
16 days ago
That should have been explained in the OP. Otherwise how was I supposed to know this?
15 days ago
Even without knowing what Bandit discussed, shooting a post down and calling it stupid is kind of harsh in my opinion. It's just a bunch of people wanting to see things come to the game at the end of the day. Point being it's more important to spawn conversation than shoot it down.
15 days ago