Runecrafting through abyss requiring Talismans/Tiaras

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TitleRunecrafting through abyss requiring Talismans/Tiaras
When runecrafting through the Abyss in OSRS/RS3 you do not need the Talismans/Tiaras since the abyss teleports you right into the altar. Talismans/Tiaras are only required to enter the altars in actual game not to craft the runes.
Submitted2021-01-18 18:28:02


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I understand this, however our abyss teles us to the alter in the overworld. The way around this would be to make crafting runes possible from the rifts rather than teleporting you. (i'd support this as this will aid in unlocking cosmic, and law crafting without requiring the overworld expansion)

"There are no monsters in the inner ring of the Abyss. There are rifts leading to every runecrafting altar (except the Astral and wrath altars) there, which makes the Abyss useful for crafting a lot of different types of runes very quickly. Talismans or tiaras are NOT needed to access the altars via the rifts. The following restrictions still apply"
"Players using the Abyss to reach the altars do not require a talisman or tiara."
2 years ago