Setting up boundaries to reset aggression timer.

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TitleSetting up boundaries to reset aggression timer.
Currently in game. There is no other way to reset Aggression except for relogging. Players cant even teleport or run out of the area to reset the aggression as it is on runescape.

Could you set up region boundaries similar to on runescape that allows a player to cross in order to reset said aggression timer to prevent players from having to relog so often?

In some cases i have noticed the npc's having weird behavior.. such as dark warriors. once relogging they stand around with their heads straight up and will not aggressively attack..

Im grateful you introduced the aggression timer to minescape due to players misusing the aggression in the wilderness to gain exp while afk all night. That was quite overpowered.. But could we possibly see a new adjustment to it to make it slightly easier to reset aggression with out relogging every 5-10 mins? <3

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Thanks - Brat <3
Submitted2021-01-18 21:34:45


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This needed to be added along with the release of timed aggression. It has been extremely unbalanced.
a year ago