Zombie Drop Table

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TitleZombie Drop Table

All zombies currently use the lowest level droptable however some zombies such as ones found in the wilderness drop additional things which are not currently there such as Cosmic Runes, and GDT & HDT

Tbh I just want a better source of cosmic runes until Zanaris is released
Submitted2021-01-23 05:17:52


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it's the same problem with the moss key drop rate for wilderness moss giants or hill giant etc.
Bandit did look into this prior to the barrows updated (referencing a stream I watched where I begged for the drop table to be changed for the wildy mobs) but it wasn't feasible from what I understood. Still upvoting this because I think in general, a lot of wildy mobs need a loot table over haul.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Yeah, I know. We went over this on stream and there are limitations to it from what was said by Bandit.
2 years ago