Belladonna and Mushroom patches for Farming

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TitleBelladonna and Mushroom patches for Farming
Now that the Dragon Dagger is released, it would be nice to have the ability to grow cave nightshade from belladonna seeds ( ) which is used in high level herblore to make Weapon Poison++ ( )in order to apply it to a dragon dagger to make it a Dragon Dagger Poison++. Since we're able to grow coconut trees and berries from bushes and can gather 2 of the 3 materials already for WP++, at this stage of the game with the dagger released would make sense and fit in.

As for the mushroom spore patch in Morytania near Canafis, it would provide mushrooms for cooking in order to make the mushroom potato which heals 20 hitpoints (, an alternative to sharks and other food
Submitted2021-04-01 12:41:04


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