More interactive Agility

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TitleMore interactive Agility
The use of a fully 3d engine allows agility to be more interactive than in standard osrs. Implementation of real time agility training using actual obstacle courses would reduce the amount of external code needed to train agility generally increasing server function, this could be implemented into shortcuts as well. As a final note actions that require clicking and waiting feel awkward and immersion breaking in minecraft and at the very least i think that finding a midground between the two would be an ideal solution.
Submitted2021-05-07 02:26:28


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I wonder how problematic it would be to not rely on an actual click input trigger. Imagine if instead at the agility bridge right now you just jumped over and hit a trigger and got experience. What happens if you can just sit in one of these triggers. I mean I imagine something that activates by just running through it or something like that could be problematic. I personally like what they did initially with the agility bridge. What I think needs to happen in the future is making it more obvious where actual obstacles are going to be. You're right about the 3D engine part, I can't imagine rooftop parkour even thought I really want it. I feel like I'm going to get lost if it's just a bunch of invisible blocks that I just should've known to click. A great conversation starter nonetheless! +1
a year ago
I'm far from a great parkour person, I spent well over 2 hours on another server training on a parkout map, and I could never make it past the first like 6 obstacles.

As long as theres a non-parkour version, even if it's slower I would be perfectly fine with this.
a year ago