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TitleTut Island helper
daily i see new players who are unable to get through tut island without help.
although to some, its mindless work, i feel it turns away many players that get frustrated about not getting off the island.

1. could add an npc that leads the way
2. could add more signs with arrows
3. could make it impossible to walk off path
Submitted2021-05-08 02:28:01


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I think this is essential. A lot of players have never touched Runescape, and Minescape offers a first person perspective that is easy to get lost in. I think it would be huge to very carefully guide news players through Tutorial Island, and make them aware of what Minescape entails before they get off the island. New players recently have been having a hard time
28 days ago
Doesn't the server use a redstone particle trail to tell you where to go? Beyond that if you just read the dialogue you could understand what's happening, The real problem is the lack of effort new people want to put in.
27 days ago
People need to put in the effort sure, but the only other indicator is in the Quest Book, which doesn't have an explanation to open
You could call it hand-holdy, but I think the Tutorial could use more hand holding for the sake of getting newer players through it with more ease
I feel like it should go as far as to assume the player has zero idea what they're doing. If they do, then it's easy to get through and there's lots of extra stuff they aren't required to look at. And the players who do NOT understand get more help
27 days ago
I personally agree with this, people new to MineScape aren't necessarily lacking effort. While some are, some players just haven't played RuneScape before and the way to progress around can prove to be a little bit more challenging. Let's be honest, while it's a tutorial, how many people will actually sit there and read the dialogue? In any MMO you've played before I'm sure there's been a time where you've just decided that you wanted to get on with the actual game and decided to breeze past a tutorial that would've easily taken 15-20 minutes WITHOUT reading the dialogue and then attempted to go through the tutorial by your own. In addition, people might have already played RuneScape, but suddenly seeing Gielenor in First Person Perspective when you've been seeing it in the Third Person Perspective all this time can be off-putting and make it difficult to find your way around (Seriously, I couldn't tell you how many times I've gotten lost in Lumbridge when I've spent hundreds of hours there before.)

While players are usually there and most of the time they respond to a user requesting help, a lot of the time there may not be someone there to help or they may not WANT to ask for help out of fear for getting asking "bad" questions, or just simply not wanting to type to others when you don't know them or how they'll respond to your request.

At the end of the day, it's a tutorial and unlike other games, there isn't any interface that pops up and POINTS you where to go. I'd 100% recommend arrows pointing the way to go to the next point with a sign referencing them at the spawn location. With this situation in place, if they STILL don't know how to follow the tutorial and ask, we can just tell them to simply follow the arrows to the next NPC.

At that point, if the player leaves the server abruptly, it was probably just because it wasn't fitting for them to play because of the grind or another totally unrelated reason - not for being stuck in the Tutorial. At this point though, many people just log-off in the tutorial never to log in again.
3 days ago
I was talking to some of the lads in a discord voice channel and we came up on this topic.

Basically, we think a script should be implemented to make it impossible to progress too far past the current objective (NPC/Interaction Node/etc.) until they have completed it. For example, if a person wondered too far past the Master Survivalist, they'd be teleported back to directly in-front of the Master Survivalist if they had not yet completed the objectives required to continue on.

In addition, a method that RuneScape itself uses are gates/doors etc that you cannot open/pass until you've completed all objectives in that area. As an example, there could be a fence just before the Master Chef/Cook where you need to complete the objectives given by the Master Sruvivalist in order to pass.

These ideas would be good because you could simply just tell the new player requesting for help to "continue down the path" and there's little to no chance that they mess it up.

If these ideas sound a bit too difficult to add in, create a /tutorial command where a new player can be directed to type it and up will open a page that will provide a STEP-BY-STEP guide on how to complete the Tutorial Island complete with pictures and what have you. Whether this is created by the staff team or just on the wiki page I'll leave to you. However, I feel like this would be a solid idea.
2 days ago