Bot Revenge

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TitleBot Revenge
Instead of "banning" botters, they should have their account still playable but secretly their gains are not actually tied into the server so they waste countless time. its the ultimate payback for someone who was trying to save time.
Submitted2021-05-09 03:54:30


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Funny, but I don't think this would be the propper way of handling bots lol
a year ago
If it were easy to implement, I think this is an extremely proper way of handling cheating in general. Look at how Jagex has actually done bot nukes and such in the past. They throw them all in one server still all playing having fun just to mess with them in the long run. If anything, if the servers reach higher levels again, I'd love to see a team dedicated to stuff like this the same way Jagex is. Could even spawn some interesting extra Minescape content for people to consume.
a year ago