Run energy for agility

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TitleRun energy for agility
Hey, thought I’d throw an idea in on a heated/already “decided” topic.

Three strong points to consider are as follows:

- Throwing out the rest of the game.
Run energy is weaved into many aspects of the game and some of the games best mechanics are paired and are relying on run energy for calculated, efficient and balanced long time game play and grinding.

Taking out the run energy will impact:
- questing mechanics
- pvp
- herblore support
- agility training
- hunter training
- banking/gathering skills

Just to name a few.. In a negative way that will throw the game out of proportions on a massive scale. As we begin to gain more and more of the missing content that heavily is built on this defining mechanic, called run energy.

(Anything beyond this will begin to have a negative rippling impact on other game content from the original game. 👍🏼)

- Impacting authenticity/originality.
Taking out run energy completely, will change the game too much and will take away from the hard work already put in to keep the game authentic as possible. Resulting in to many consequences, and will result in having to reinvent the wheel to balance out all the other aspects impacted as a result. Which is going to be very tricky and time consuming.

- Solution?
Keep current sprint running (which would be equivalent to walking in osrs).
Add run energy, that adds between a 0.5- 2% speed boost (run). Trail what is a good speed for balanced game play. Keep the run energy as a mechanic. Leveling agility increases your total run energy your able to store; generates over time. Brings use for energy potions in the game.

Would this solution be suitable (to make the game as close to osrs as possible) balanced suggestion?

Cheers Community
Submitted2021-06-01 10:17:34


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A halfway solution could be that energy potions (and similar) provide a speed boost effect which could vary with (or be locked behind) agility levels. This would mean people can run together at the same speed and would likely reduce the processing overhead for constantly checking whether a player is sprinting and determining the speed boost they should get, instead only having the effect triggered by the potion.
a year ago
Would decrease the total effectiveness and usefulness of run energy pots you would have to decrease by a lot, this is fine for energy pots but staminas would need a huge buff to stay super relevant
a year ago
Seeing as how the map is "stretched" out the idea of keeping sprint running as the equivalent to walking in osrs and having run energy be a boost instead of hindering the player is a great idea
a year ago
If run energy is ever to be added, then I think adding speed to your existing sprint like you've suggested is the best way to do it
a year ago