High Alchemy Warning System

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TitleHigh Alchemy Warning System
Set a warning system so players dont accidentally high alch something or great value or un tradeable.


Warning System:
High Alchemy 'Valuable Drop Warning' is set to automatically prompt when trying to cast it on an untradeable item or on an item worth 1,000 coins or more. This helps to prevent casting it accidentally on items that are hard to obtain. The threshold value for which the warning is displayed can be altered, and the warning for untradeable items can be disabled, by right clicking (PC) or pressing and holding (Mobile) on the icon in the spell book. A drop-down menu will appear, giving the options to "Cast High Level Alchemy" or "Warnings High Level Alchemy." Clicking on "Warnings High Level Alchemy will give the options to 'Set Value Threshold," or "Disable Untradeable Item Warning."
Submitted2021-06-11 18:43:34


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