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Titlege trade advertising
a npc or some kind of peg board placed near ge clerks where players can pay to advertise ge trade offers. example of what i'm thinking,
the green + would open the players normal ge gui where you can then choose the offer you wish to advertise, once a offer is selected a window pops up asking how much you wish to pay to post the ad into the list. the position of where a offer is placed should depend how much was spent to advertise. once the offer is removed or filled from the players ge it should then be removed from the list as well. this would allow players to just check the offer board to see ways to make money, instead of hoping someone online at the time knows the answer, or saves them time searching around the ge.
Submitted2021-06-17 06:20:34


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I see this as a bias leverage on wanting more fluid control of the GE... basically empowering more monopolising of the economy and the GE.
a year ago
This doesn't fit the theme of existing RuneScape content (if there was even going for that originally) however, I feel like the pros out-weigh the cons here. Honestly, the Grand Exchange works well in a massive game like RuneScape. However, a game with less of a player-base definitely needs to adjust to the climate and I reckon using this advertising board NOT ONLY makes for a great way to be able to buy (and even sell) your items when needed, but it could also serve as a money sink. In addition, it might work the same as the G.E. where you have the original two or three slots for a regular player but there are an additional two to four locked behind a membership (or patreon) package in order to incentivize people just that little bit more while also helping to support this server.

In addition, if there are multiple listings for a single item at one time, there could be a category that is temporarily formed until there is only one listing of that item available again. Basically, you'd click on that category listing and you'd be redirected to all of the buy/sell offers for that item within a category. This would help with cleaning up the advertising board while also being able to show people the best prices for each item that are possible with a single look.

Honestly, in my opinion there are many ways why this would be beneficial to have implemented and would definitely say that the pros out-weigh the cons.
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a year ago
Noticed a grammatical error in the first paragraph there, it's not crazy think I got distracted by the grind a bit.
Correction: This doesn't fit the theme of existing RuneScape content (if the team was even going for that originally) ...
a year ago
I love the idea of this, but there would need to be something to prevent one player with a ton of cash from owning the entire board. Maybe limit the slots a player can own to three or so?
a year ago