Lack of Items in Clue Easy

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TitleLack of Items in Clue Easy
I think quite a range of items are potentially missing from the drops of the easy clue scrolls. I'm not sure why some of these may have not found their way into the game, I did notice however that easy clues can include other variants the server currently doesn't house so this may be the reason. Regardless, here is what I found that currently isn't an item on the server.

Vestment Robes

Bob Shirts

Elegant Sets (RGB)

Black Heraldic Armor (Chestplates Missing)

Submitted2021-08-01 11:25:48


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This is due to us being unable to edit custom armours/pants
a year ago
is it probably too much to make each of these individual items? What would the alternative be to get this into game?
a year ago
The issue is we cant make it display differently on the player, so not much point in having it
a year ago