Add another World or Update the Shopping Timers

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TitleAdd another World or Update the Shopping Timers
Hopefully a shop update can happen soon. I know a few stores are off for sure. An example is Hickton's fletching supply. The arrowheads on the wiki say it would restore 5% of the overall stock every 24s whereas Minescape has it to 60s. I'm not entirely sure if this is all stores either but having a fix for this sometime soon would be great.

A note on why I mention additional worlds, as a player who got to be around for when we had 9 worlds, I can only imagine how good it would feel buying out 9 stores at a time. Just a thought. Thanks for all the hard work!
Submitted2021-08-15 03:02:43


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This might be inaccurate, It may be possible the fletching store actually stocks 1 arrowhead at a time on osrs, essentially we can scrap this or look further into it.********
a year ago