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Title10x World
Make a server that has 10x exp rates and 2x drops (1 kill drops 2 kills worth of loot) that resets quarterly. This could be just a fun thing for the players that crave that rsps style when they join the server, or it could be a quarterly leaderboard of total level and the top 3 players win store coupons or something in-game to signify wins. I would suggest that if this were to even be considered that it waits for the release of the hunter skill. Thanks for the read.
Submitted2022-01-05 23:19:12


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7 months ago
I would suggest that x10 rate should be a default rate, if I would want to play garbage boring grind Runescape I would go play the real garbage grind OSRS. Not Minescape LMAO.
10X SHOULD BE MINIMUM BY DEFAULT. END OF DISCUSSION. Why would I want to play a fake Runescape if it's still made with the stupid bull$hit xp rate of the original.
8 months ago